Sunday, March 23, 2008

Shadow Cliffs, CA - Rainbow Trout 9.5lbs!!!

Decided to go fishing this easter sunday at shadow cliffs even though i got home last night from playing poker until 3am. I got there as early as i could to beat the easter crowd, and because the last few times i've gone fishing in the afternoon i did not even get a nibble.This is a 9.5lb, 27.5 inch rainbow trout i caught at personal best. I used rainbow powerbait and cast out as far as i could using a 1 oz. weight. This was the only fish for the day until i left at 12:30...i figure the fishies might've gotten hungry again around 6pm or so when the sun's rays aren't so direct. i thought twice about keeping it because i thought it might not taste as good as a "normal sized" trout, but if i released it, i would've run the risk of not being able to corroborate my story. This trout is proof that most all fish can continue to grow indefinitely, but it's also proof that 4 pound test line is enough to land a bigger fish.