Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oak Grove Park, CA

No catch today. :(

Went for the first time today and had 5 lines in the water at once as my brother Jon, his girlfriend Cynthia, and my wife Monica decided to brave the Stockton cold for a chance at catching the recently planted trout. This is a 10 acre pond at the park that is home to the annual Asparagus Festival which is now receiving weekly trout plants through spring. When I got the first line in the water, I was warned that the water was no deeper than 3-4 feet deep and, it may have even been more shallow than that. We used power eggs and power bait in various colors and tossed lines out to various areas of the pond but, after a little more than three hours of waiting, no takers. Oh well...

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Jon said...

yeah, i went there too and that place bites (meaning there was a lack of biting).